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We propose

Evening Dresses

Evening Dresses

Here you will find evening dresses (tailoring, sale, rental).

Drinker to change clothes, we offer sewing evening gowns during the first rolling - it gives you the ability to "go out into the world" every time a new dress (the cost of such services in our salon - 30% of the total cost of a dress). Before any of your holiday we have a proposition for you. The truth is much quieter to do everything in advance. So, if somewhere on the horizon portray reason to look for opportunities - see do not miss it. We are waiting for you in the salon of Lady L.

There is a possibility that your evening dress is waiting for you. If you stay with him until we met in the salon, tell us and we'll help you meet the normal quiet mode - within 10 days. We can also search the possibility of immediate order. We are waiting for you!

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